Delightful Break Massage & Wellness Spa

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Just a Note from the Massage Table:

 I, see it time, and time again, my clients tired bodies. And it's interesting to me that so many of us carry around so much tension.

"About how long have you been in this type of pain?" there answers will shock you. So many days, weeks and months, go by and most people choose to live in discomfort. We neglect bodies and for most the neglect becomes apparent when we finally get injured.

Give yourself the time to restore your body! Our bodies are the best machines on earth! The amazing thing about them is there ability to heal and maintain balance within.

Our bodies give us warning signals and often those signals go ignored, because we are just too busy, so take a break and make it a Delightful one!




60-Minute Massage for $49

90-Minute Massage for $85

Why not take a BREAK?

Make it a Delightful Break Massage!



Delightful Break Massage & Wellness Spa

offers the utmost in massage therapy services, facial treatments and more. We invite you to rediscover yourself. We are a small intimate 2-Room Spa. We love to cater to individuals from all walks of life. We would love the opportunity to bring you quality services at reasonable prices.
 We specialize in Massage and Skincare!

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